Key Message

Changes in animals and fish have been observed and they are adapting. Climate change and other stressors have the potential to affect where fish and animals are found and can affect their growth, survival and reproduction.

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UpNorthonClimate2018-08273 Frank Mallory- animals.jpg

Frank Mallory, Laurentian University     

Large mammals in the north

UpNorthonClimate2018-08368 Rob Rempel -animals.jpg

Rob Rempel, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Moose and caribou in the Far North

UpNorthonClimate2018-08428 Constance Oconnor - animals.jpg

Constance O'Connor, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Climate change and fish in northern Ontario

UpNorthonClimate2018-08509 Sam Hunter - animals.jpg

Sam Hunter, Weenusk

The animals and the land

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