The weather is changing.
Communities can prepare.

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Our study team in the School of the Environment at Laurentian University in Sudbury is working towards building community capacity and education about the current and future impacts of climate change in partnership with First Nation communities and their Tribal Councils in the far north of Ontario.

By putting the knowledge and memories of elders together with information from weather we are helping communities build a picture of the changes that have already happened. The knowledge and calculations of climate scientists are giving us a good idea of the changes in climate that are likely in the lifetime of our children and grandchildren. 

A combination of traditional knowledge and science provides the most complete and useful understanding of past and likely future changes with an eye to enabling First Nations to be as prepared as possible for weather patterns that are now inevitable.

Through discussions with community members and leaders and learning from experiences shared by others, we are able to find ways to prepare for the changes that are coming.