Science Rocks the North: The Youth In Science Opportunity Program (YSOP)

The Youth in Science Opportunity Program (YSOP) supports teachers in encouraging interest in the environment and natural sciences among school children in remote Far North Ontario communities. YSOP brings exciting, exploratory, hands-on activities that are done both in a lab setting and in the field. 

With programming for students from kindergarten to grade 12, YSOP activities aim to allow students to explore science. Over a day or two, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities including topics such as chemistry, biology, environmental and earth sciences. 


Hands-on science

Students use the same equipment that our scientists use at the University. The specimens that are analyzed typically come from the communities themselves and include insects, aquatic invertebrates, lichens, and more.

Microscopes attached to iPads also let students look at the details on their own skin and clothing. Taking technology one step further, students are able to use iPads or iPhones with a heat application that shows where heat is coming from and temperature guns to measure the temperature of a variety of things. Other activities include lake stratification demonstrations, fossil, mineral, bone displays and more.


The Outreach and Engagement group is lead by Chantal Sarrazin-Delay and Dr. David Pearson.

For more information on youth engagement and our Youth in Science Opportunity Program, please contact:

Chantal Sarrazin-Delay  

705-675-1151 ext. 4451